COVID-19 Update 3/19/20

Sarah Reed continues to learn more information about the COVID-19 virus on a daily basis.  We are taking many steps to keep our residents as safe as possible.

  • Visitors continue to be restricted until further notice. We will contact our families and residents as we learn more information.  We have established a dedicated phone line at 814-878-2788 that will provide updates as we have them.
  • Residents receiving Hospice services are permitted to have limited visitors for a limited period of time. Those residents who are near the end of their life may also receive limited visitors. These visits will be monitored by the nursing supervisor. 
  • We had already suspended all communal dining in the nursing facility effective Sunday, 3/15/20.  As of Thurs, 3/19/20, all communal dining in Personal Care has been suspended.  Staff have met with residents in Reed Manor and Reed Terrace to arrange for delivery or take out of meals. 
  • All outings on the van have been suspended as well. 
  • As physician appointments arrive, we are individually contacting the physician office to inquire if they are still seeing patients.  If an appointment is not considered urgent, we have encouraged residents and their families to re-schedule.
  • For those residents who prefer to have their families launder their clothes, we have arranged for families to pick up and drop off laundry in the front vestibule. 
  • We are working on arranging for video calls with family members.  Please contact Shirleen Dowd, Activities Director at 814-878-2631 to make arrangements for a call.
  • All staff, including the Activities department, is making regular visits to spend one to one time with residents. Staff is offering the use of puzzles, books and other activities.
  • We have been using Channel 8, Sarah Reed’s in-house channel, to broadcast music programs, exercise class and the Rosary. A staff member is conducting these activities in the Chapel and a live feed is available to the residents. 
  • We have observed family members approaching the windows of our residents so that they can wave hello! While we appreciate this, we would ask that the windows remain closed during this interaction. Additionally, we request that voices be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb the residents in close proximity. 
  • For RT/RM/ZP residents, please direct questions to Carey Mastrian at 814-878-2651. For residents in RH, please refer to your social worker, Jeanne Espey at 814-878-2635 or Brittni Collins at 814-878-2636. 

Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding.