A full spectrum of services is provided in our rehab suite. Our core team of on-site therapists includes Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Respiratory therapists. Services are available to all residents in Nursing, Personal Care, Memory Support, and Residential Apartments as ordered by your physician. Therapy services are offered 7 days a week, and up to 2 ½ hours per day depending on your individual needs.

Practice Stairs and Strength TrainingShort-term rehab residents practice stairs, and work on strengthening and endurance for a safe return home.


Practice KitchenOur practice kitchen is utilized in Occupational Therapy sessions.

Bathing SuiteTherapists ensure residents employ safety techniques in our private therapy bathing suite.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapists offer Orthopedic post-op rehabilitation to help individuals regain mobility, strength, and balance. Our goal is to restore function to prior level. The team utilizes adaptive equipment for mobility to increase safety and decrease fall risk. We use specialized equipment and design programs to expedite the rehabilitation process. We also provide treatment of neck, back, muscle, joint pain and dysfunction.


Occupational Therapy

This area of rehab focuses on restoring the ability to care for oneself with activities of daily living, such as: bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, and activities of leisure. A private bathing suite was recently added to accommodate training techniques for return to home. We provide treatment of arm, hand, and wrist disorders, as well as visual deficits. OT will evaluate seating and positioning needs for comfort and to protect against pressure wounds and falls. Our Occupation Therapists perform home and community evaluations for individuals who plan to return to their homes, and give recommendations to assure safe discharge. They also provide transition training from skilled rehab to apartments within the Sarah Reed Community.


Speech Therapy

Speech therapy evaluates swallowing, communication, and cognitive disorders. The therapist reinforces safety concerns with activities of daily living to increase problem solving, and sequencing. Our on-site therapist is certified in deep pharyngeal nerve stimulation, a treatment which can assist individuals in being able to tolerate regular liquids.


Respiratory Therapy

This type of treatment is highly effective for upper respiratory and pulmonary diseases and disorders. We focus on increasing the resident’s ability to participate in active rehabilitation and reduce probability of hospitalization for common diseases such as pneumonia, COPD, and congestive heart failure.


For therapy and all services, Sarah Reed is the best in town and the only place I would go. They are known for helping people maintain their independence.”

Ann Moffat

The staff at Sarah Reed couldn’t be nicer, they always have smiles on! Whoever is training them is doing it right!”

Liz Peapples